研究室:工四館 E3-302
實驗室:生物分子辨識工程實驗室 E3-325
研究領域:生物辨識系統之熱力學與動力學、藥物控制釋放 生醫材料於幹細胞之純化與培養、生物晶片


Dr. Wen-Yih Chen is currently a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering and Institute of Biomedical Engineering, National Central University (NCU). He was the Chairman of the Department and was the Associated Dean of the Engineering School of NCU. He also was a visiting Professor of MIT, Monash University and U. of Washington, Seattle. His research emphases have been on understanding the thermodynamics and kinetics between biomolecular interactions. With the principle understanding of the molecular interactions, he has successfully elucidated some biochemical separations and protein folding disease phenomena in molecular level. Currently, he has devoted his research resources in biosensor development, especially in gene sequencing and biomarkers detection by Field Effect Transistor and Surface Plasmon Resonance. He has published more than 150 peer review papers and owned more than 40 patents, mostly in biosensor area. He is currently on the editorial board of Biotechnology Journal (SCI), Bioprocess and Bioengineering (SCI) and Atomic and Molecular Physics (SCI). He is one of the founders of a newly established company, Helios Bioelectronics Inc., Taiwan.

      社團法人台灣生物技術與生化工程學會(2019 傑出研究獎)
      中國工程師學會傑出工程教授獎 (2019)
 科技部研究傑出獎 (2018)

      德國紐倫堡發明獎金牌 “抗生物沾黏之塗佈組成物、抗生物沾黏薄膜及  抗生物沾黏薄膜之製造方法 (2018)


      國立中央大學專利績優獎 (2008, 2012)



       國立中央大學特聘教授(2005~2014, 2019~)

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