Prof. Gérard Coquerel講座教授
電話:信箱:gerard.coquerel@univ-rouen.fr研究室:實驗室:學歷:BS, MS, PhD : University of Rouen 
1997~present: Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Rouen, France
研究領域:Fields of expertise  Phase diagrams between condensed phases; solid phase identifications and heterogeneous stable and metastable equilibria  Crystallization of molecular species, Preparative purifications by means of crystallization, preferential crystallization: inventor of the AS3PC process: Auto-Seeded Polythermic Programmed Preferential Crystallization and ASPreCISE: Auto-Seeded Preferential Crystallization Induced by Solvent Evaporation. Deracemization via crystallization.  Chiral discrimination in the solid state  Molecular modelling at the interfaces between Crystal and Solution; nucleation mechanisms, supra-molecular interactions (host-guest associations, co-crystals, etc).

Gérard Coquerel was born in March 1955. He has made his whole academic cursus at the University of Rouen. He started first to specialize in inorganic chemistry (PhD in July 1981) and then in solid state chemistry of organic components (Docteur d’État June 1986 i.e. Habilitation, in collaboration with Jean Jacques at the Collège de France in Paris). He is Professor at the University of Rouen Normandy since September 1997, Head of the research unit: ‘Crystal Genesis Unit’ that he created. This research group has been structured into an independent laboratory in January 1998 by the French

Ministry of Research under the official affiliation number EA 3233.


His main research activities are focused on: chirality, resolution of chiral molecules and deracemization, phase diagram determinations, molecular recognition, polymorphism, solvates and

desolvation mechanisms, nucleation and crystal growth of molecular compounds, purification by using crystallization, defects in crystals. Part of these activities are fundamentals and another part is

dedicated to more applied researches with a strong impact in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemistry industries.


International Activities

1.        Organization de congress (9 since 1995)

2.        Co-guest editor of CGOM 7-8-9-10-11-12 in Crystal growth and Design (ACS)

3.        Reviewer for a dozen scientific journals (Angewandte Chemie, JACS, CGD, CrystEngComm, etc.)

4.        Participation into European programs (INTERREG III A ; INTENANT FP7 (Intenant E U Project between 11 laboratories ; 400 k€ 2009- 2011); ITN CoRe (8 Academic partners 15PhD 2016-2019)

5.        Collaborations with European Universities: (Halle (D),Procope, Manchester(UK), Nijmegen (NL) Erasmus), ETH Zurich (CH), Glasgow (Scotland - UK), Barcelona (Spain)

6.        Visiting professor: NTU Singapore 1 month in 2008, Kyoto 3 months 2014 (J-J-A)

7.        Supervisor of 44 PhD students

8.        175 papers in journals with peer review, 10 chapters of books, 41 patents.

9.        Numerous lectures > 100 (invited speaker in: university, congress, industries, Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China)

10.     Teaching in the European master ‘Crystallography and crystallization’ Sevilla (Spain) Since 2010


1.          Chirality impact on physical ageing: an original case of a small organic molecule Bienvenu Attawa, Nicolas Couvrat, Allisson Saiter, G. Coquerel, Eric Dargent Materials Letters. Accepted 31 May 2018,

2.          On the Dimorphism and the Pressure-Temperature State Diagram of Racemic m-Nisoldipine, a Dihydropyridine Calcium Ion Antagonist. Kangli Li, Gabin Gbabode, Gérard Coquerel, René Céolin, Ivo B. Rietveld Acad Pharm Fr. Accepted March 2018


3.          Impact of Chirality on the glass forming ability and the crystallization from the amorphous state of 5-ethyl-5MethylHydantoin, a chiral poor glass former Attawa Bienvenu, Couvrat, Nicolas; Coquerel, Gérard ; Dargent, Eric; Alisson, Saiter; International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Accepted 25 January 2018


4.          Limitations during the resolution of (±)-Epinephrine by using Tartaric acid. Couvrat, Julien Mahieux, Morgane Sanselme, Gérard Coquerel, Chemical Engineering and Technology. Accepted 02/02/2018


5.          Immunoglobulin G particles manufacturing by Spray drying process for pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler formulations; Veronique Carli, Laurence Menu-Bouaouiche, Pascal Cardinael, Laurence Benissan, Gerard Coquerel. Annales Pharmaceutiques Françaises, Accepted 03/03/2018


6.          Investigation of Drug-Excipient Interactions in Biclotymol Amorphous Solid Dispersions. Schammé, Benjamin; Couvrat, Nicolas; Tognetti, Vincent; Delbreilh, Laurent; Dupray, Valérie; Dargent, Eric; Coquerel, Gérard. Molecular Pharmaceutics.Accepted 12/01/2018



7.          Inhibition of the vapour-mediated phase transition of the high temperature form of pyrazinamide. Smets, Mireille; Baaklini, Grace; Tijink, Arnoud; Sweers, Lena; Vossen, Carlo; Brandel, Clément; Meekes, Hugo; Cuppen, Herma; Coquerel, Gérard. Accepted 28/12/2017


8.          Chiral Symmetry Breaking of Sodium Chlorate in Turbulent Flow. Ahn, JaekyuKyu, Kim, Do Hyun; Coquerel, Gérard; Kim, Woo-Sik; Cryst. Growth Des. 2018, 18, 297−306


9.          Vitrification  of  two  active  pharmaceutical  ingredients  by  fast  scanning  calorimetry:  from structural  relaxation  to  nucleation  phenomena;  Xavier  Monnier;  Viel,  Quentin;  Schammé, Benjamin;  Monnier,   Delbreilh,  Laurent;  Dupray,  Valerie;  Dargent,  Eric;  Coquerel,  Gérard. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Accepted 05/12/2017


10.      Molecular Mobility of an Amorphous Chiral Pharmaceutical Compound: Impact of Chirality and Chemical Purity; Viel, Quentin; Delbreilh, Laurent; Coquerel, Gérard; Petit, Samuel; Dargent, Eric; Manuscript J. Phys. Chem. B 2017, 121 (32), 7729–7740.


11.      Optimization  of  Experimental  Conditions  for  the  Monitoring  of  Nucleation  and  Growth  of Racemic Diprophylline from the Supercooled Melt. Lemercier, A.; Viel, Q.; Brandel, C.; Cartigny, Y.; Dargent, E.; Petit, S.; Coquerel, G. J. Cryst. Growth, 2017, 472, 11-17.


12.      New  Intermediate  Polymorph  of  1-Fluoro-adamantane  and  Its  Second-Order-like  Transition toward the Low Temperature Phase. L. Yuan, S. Clevers, A. Burel, Ph. Negrier, M. del Barrio, B. Ben Hassine, Denise Mondieig, V. Dupray, J. Ll. Tamarit and G. Coquerel. Cryst. Growth Des., 2017, 17 (6), pp 3395–3401


13.      Binary phase diagrams between phenanthrene and two of its impurities: 9,10-dihydroanthracene and carbazole. Antoine Burel, Nicolas Couvrat, Severine Tisse, Yohann Cartigny Pascal Cardinael, and Gerard Coquerel; Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 226, 869–880 (2017)


14.      Insights on the Physical State Reached by an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient upon High-Energy Milling. Schammé, Benjamin; Monnier, Xavier; Couvrat, Nicolas; Delbreilh, Laurent; Dupray, Valerie; Dargent, Eric; Coquerel, Gérard J. Phys. Chem. B 2017, 121 (19), 5142–5150.


15.      Use of Programmed Damped Temperature Cycles for Deracemization of a Racemic Suspension of a Conglomerate Forming System Suwannasang, Kittisak; Flood, Adrian; Rougeot, Celine; Coquerel, Gérard Org. Process Res. Dev., 2017, 21 (4), pp 623–630


16.      Retention modeling and retention time prediction in Gas Chromatography and Flow- Modulation Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography: the contribution of pressure on solute partition. Antoine Burel, Marie Vaccaro; Yohann Cartigny; Séverine Tisse; Gérard Coquerel; Pascal Cardinael. Journal of Chromatography A, 2017, 1485, pp. 101–119


17.      In situ Observation of Polymorphic Transition during Crystallization of Organic Compounds Showing Preferential Enrichment by Means of Temperature-Controlled Video-Microscopy and Time-Resolved X-Ray Powder Diffraction. Takahashi, Hiroki; Iwama, Sekai; Clevers, Simon; Veesler, Stephane; Coquerel, Gérard; Tsue, Hirohito; Tamura, Rui, Cryst. Growth Des. 2017, 17, 671−676


18.      Crystallization from the Amorphous State of a Pharmaceutical Compound: Impact of Chirality and Chemical Purity. Viel, Quentin; Brandel, Clément; Cartigny, Yohann; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda; Canotilho, João; Dupray, Valerie; Dargent, Eric; Coquerel, Gérard; Petit, Samuel Cryst. Growth Des. 2017, 17(1), 337-346.